Give me an example of your creativity?

Ans 1
Creativity doing things differently but in a right way I think we all are creative, as we all have gone through a lot towards our career and finally chosen a specific field. All this comes under creativity when I began my career as a computer engineer during diploma studies, I realized that I must work in a smart manner to achieve4 in this field. Hence my creativity was explored at the end of that course during the academic project out project crew member were very curious and innovative to create a real world application hence we chose net platform and started working to accomplish the task. At that time I referred various sites and finally we ended up with “Web Based Recruitment System” We added may modules in that project like conducting online tests, announce results… This work brought me to become a BE graduate with good CGPA.
Ans 2
Creativity is an idea which is generated by an individual and doesn’t require books or expert suggestion to get it done and also wherever there is a scope of improvement, it requires a lot of creative ideas flowing through. Some days ago I built a face book page with my own name and there I used lots of technology like I frame coding, java by myself and its has some aesthetic value and I can’t imagine that in one day 100 face book user like my page. So I think this my creativity.

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