Tell me something about our company?

This Question is not at all tough to answer just go through company profile and frame few good points about company, company chairman, MD, current project, company working and company’s contribution on particular sector. Keeping these points in view one can easily give best answer to this question a good answer will reflect that yes, you are interesting in particular company.
Ans 1
it is one of the reputed and fast growing companies in IT industry. It has a so many branches in India as well as throughout the world. This company was founded in __(Year), the CEO of the company is __(name), This Company has the project in banking sector, Govt Sector and so on. The growth rate of this company is___ (%) in the ___ (Year) this all I have heard about this company.
Ans 2
I have gone through the thoughts of the company, established in … and growth of …% in the industry and taken up the project … Growing day by under the CEO and the …. Of board of directors. Got ISO certification in – and growing towards – to achieve – goal.

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