Why do you want to work at our company?

This question can be asked in following way(s) as well :

Why do you want to Join our company?

When the interviewer asks you why you want to work in our company.try to tell some information about the company’s growth profile. Like your company was one among fortune 500 companies last year, your organization has got some best fresher training award. So this will give an impression to the interviewer that you know about the company and you are interested to work in the company.

Ans 1
Working in your company is a diehard wish for every engineering candidate like me sir, I think your company will help me to provide growth of my career ,to gain the knowledge from the work experience in the organization like you and to provide my services where I am one responsible person of the organization like you in future.

Ans 2
Your company has proven itself to be one of the most admired leaders in the industry. I would like to join your company to not only be part of a successful firm and learn from the experts inside, but also full-fill my long terms goal of becoming a respected figure in a reputable and solid company like yours. I am very positive your firm will provide a strong platform for learning and growth.

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